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Xiri concept.

Okay, this is what I have so far for Project XIRI. Read it here on DA:


When one world splits into 6, what should happen? And what if each world had a twin, existing on another plane, making 12 worlds altogether? This is what.

~ Essence ~
1) To have Essence, you need Life, and to have Life, you need Essence. It’s like the brain and the heart of the body, Essence being the heart, and Life being the brain.

2) There are two kinds of Essence: the Essence of Life, and the Essence of Existence. Think of it like kinetic energy and potential energy, along with conservation of energy. When one is used, it does not disappear, it simply transforms into the other. So when an organism dies, it’s Essence of Life becomes Essence of Existence, and vise-versa. But just because something has mass, it does not need to have Essence to exist. A book can contain absolutely no Essence, but as I said before, to live, one need Essence of Life. Just as something does not need Essence to exist, the amount of essence it does have does not effect how much mass it has. the amount of Essence an object has only effects the presence it has and how much it effects the essence around it. Essence of Life is significantly stronger than Essence of Existence, but there is much more of the second than the first.

3) Essence is like a magnetic field. One object’s Essence effects another’s. If something has enough Essence, it can do three things. It’s natural inclination is to attract more essence, but if used properly, it can also both repel and tear apart opposing Essence. The third thing a large gathering of Essence can do is manipulate Essence in general. This is the most difficult of the three things that controlled Essence can do. It takes an expert on on Essence and controlling it to do this. (see ~ Spirits ~)

4) The occupants of the 6 worlds take advantage of these abilities and use them to communicate with the others. As said before, the amount of Essence an object has effects only the impact it has on the essence around it. So the people of the 6 worlds concentrate large amounts of Essence of Existence into an object, usually a stone or jewel and use it to open tunnels into the Essence that keeps all the worlds connected. (see ~ Conflict ~)

~ Spirits ~
1) Spirits occupy the 6 worlds that exist on a different plane than the 6 physical worlds. Each Spirit world has one Patron Spirit. The Patron Spirit is equal to the monarchs of the physical worlds.

2) Spirits are living bodies of Essence itself. They are made of neither Essence of Life nor Essence of Existence. They are like plasma: they are recognized as Essence, though do not fit into a certain category. They are also comparable to fog: a little of both, though something different altogether.

3) Spirits have no life span because they are Essence itself, which has no limit. Spirits die just as much as humans do, though, because of regular conflicts between the Spirits. Spirits have a sense of pride that prevents them from ending a serious fight without either one of them dying. Spirits fight in a desire for more Essence. The more Essence a Spirit possess, the stronger the spirit is. When one Spirit kills another, they can absorb their Essence, but they must do it quickly before the Essence dissolves into the environment.

4) A Spirit’s creation is dependent of the creation of something in the physical world. A living thing must be created in order for the Spirit to exist. A Spirit’s “birth” is not that equal to a physical being’s birth. Since Spirits are not physical, their size does not pertain to their age. When a Spirit is created, they are fully mature, simply “asleep” until the physical being’s official birth. This is when Spirits are at their most vulnerable.

~ Spirits and People ~
1) Spirits and any living thing are tied together in pairs from the time they are born to the time they die. This is because the transfer from Essence of Existence to Essence of Life in the physical worlds causes such a stir is the Spirit worlds, a new Spirit is born. In other words, when something is born (including plants) in the Physical worlds, a Spirit is born in the Spirit worlds. These newly crated being are connected just as the different worlds are connected: through a tie in Essence. But this is simply a tie. When one of the pair dies, the other keeps living. (see section 3 of ~ Spirits ~) When this happens, the term used to describe the living of the pair is “Truly Free,” “True Freedom,” or “Truly Freed.” (ex: I have finally achieved True Freedom.) For those who are Truly Freed, “How did they die?” is a common question.

2) There some mutations or oddities in these ties, just as living things can be mutated: something could be born with two heads or three extra arms, but they are not called a different species simply because of this. Here are some examples:

- Tree-way tie: This is used to describe a tie of Essence between three different beings. This could be caused a number of ways. One is that a being’s creation (not necessarily “birth,” as the tie does not start at birth, but when something is conceived. If said conceived being dies before birth, the birth of the Spirit is comparative to a premature birth, but the Spirit is still Truly Free.) in the physical world causes such a stir in the Spirit world, two Spirits are created, not just one. Another way they are created is is two physical beings are created, (most commonly twins, especially identical) but together, they only cause enough of a stir in the Spirit world to create one spirit.

- Dead, yet alive: This happens when one of the pair loses it’s Life, but is kept active due to the other’s supply of Essence. (This does not count as Truly Freed, as they are still sharing Essence) It’s like when someone is on life support: one might be brain-dead, but the heart is kept going because of outside influence. There are some cases, however, when one’s Life is kick-started again because of a sudden burst of the other’s Essence. This rarely happens, though, because one might try to cut off the flow of Essence to the other in a desire to become Truly Free.

3) In these worlds, there are elements involved. Each world can be categorized into a certain element. The identified elements are earth, wind, fire, water, shadow, and light. Each person’s and Spirit’s Essence don’t fall into any of these, so they are in effect neutral. But even though this is the case, each being’s Essence carries certain properties of at least one element, maybe more. What makes the ties between them a specific element is due to the properties that each being has mixing. Think of it like the primary colors blue and yellow making green: a person who’s Essence carries properties of water and a Spirit’s Essence that resembles light might make the element of wind. (Note: The reason each world is categorized into elements is due to the nature of the Essence of Existence in that world. When changed into Essence of Life, it can change into any element, but when it goes the other way around, it always changes back into the element specific to the world it is in.)


Okay, I guess I’ll start on the actual plot now? Yeah…


~ Worlds ~

1) Each world has certain geographical features specific to it. Another world may share some of these features, but they are not nearly as prominent as the features it is named after. (ex: Every world may have mountains, but no world has as many as the World of Mountains, which is covered in them.)

2) There was at one time, a 7th world, the world of lightning, but it was lost long ago due to a lack of communication.

~ List of the Worlds and Their Specific Elements ~

-World of Rivers and Plains: Roshan (Light) (The element of light merely enhances the elemental properties of the other being. So if one being is light and the other is earth, the element the tie between them will take will be earth)

-World of Swamps and Clouds: Cethin (Shadow) (The element of shadow does the same as the element of light, but in a different way)

-World of Mountains and Volcanoes: Fiamatta (Fire)

-World of Oceans and Islands: Glyndwr (Water)

-World of Hills and Boulders: Erminio (Earth)

-World of Forests and Lakes: Niyol (Wind)

~ Characters ~

Note that the length of a person’s names are an indicator of their status. “Commoners” only have two names, their first and their last. Nobles have their first name, their mother’s maiden name, and their father’s family name. Royalty have all these, as well as the name of the world they rule over at the end. Those who only have one name either wish to keep the rest secret, or they lost their original names.

-Romile Hotaru Seraphim Roshan
Gender- Male
Age- 19
Spirit- Phoenix
Element- Fire
Personality- He is the aloof character with the slight temper.
Weapon- A sword
Details- He is the Prince and heir to the throne of Roshan.
(if this actually was a Tales game, he would be a caster, though he is skilled in physical fighting as well.)

-Fai Rapha
Gender- Female
Age- 15
World- Light
Spirit- Wolf
Element- Wind
Personality- She is the perky, almost always smiling character.
Weapon- Twin daggers
Details- She is a member of the thieves guild The Dark Wings. (This name will probably be changed to avoid copyright issues. Again, suggestions will be appreciated.)

Gender- Male
Age- 17
World- Light
Spirit- Dragon and Tiger
Element- Neutral
Personality- He is the stereotypical short-tempered character, but there is a reason for that. (See details) He has an extremely short temper because of the stress caused by the feuding spirits he is linked to.
Weapon- Twin swords (that he stole from two different soldiers)
Details- He is a case of the Three-Way Tie mutation. Because of this, he is unable to be sorted in a certain element, so it is neutral. He was also the subject of experimentation by the scientists of Roshan to see how his mutation affected him.

-Verin Anatu Calder
Gender- Male
Age- 18
World- Light
Spirit- Otter
Element- Water
Weapon- A small staff
Personality- The “shy,” quiet character.
Details- He is the guard and personal attendant of the Prince.

-Cly Altan
Gender- Male
Age- 23
World- Fire
Spirit- Undecided
Element- Either fire or earth, most likely fire
Personality- The upbeat, proud-of-himself character. Almost equal to Guy from Tales of the Abyss.
Weapon- This is going to sound strange, but he fights with a wooden pole. He may modify it later with a blade, but he usually just uses the pole.
Details- An apprentice blacksmith until he left with others in a desire to see other lands.

-Deliah Felice
Gender- Female
Age- 29
World- Water
Spirit- Undecided
Element- Undecided, though most likely lightning
Personality- The general charismatic character. Like Noir from Tales of the Abyss.
Weapon- Probably going to be cards. Like a poker deck of cards.
Details- Is often teased because she is the closest thing to a player in the group, even though she is almost thirty. Based off of Noir from Tales of the Abyss. More is undecided. She worked as a card dealer in a casino.
(Like Anise from TotA, she can either be a caster or a fighter) 

Gender- Female
Age- Undecided (12-14)
World- That’s a surprise
Spirit- Undecided, either a bear or a cougar
Element- Undecided, most likely earth
Personality- Think of Persea from Tales of Symphonia. Aya is emotionless like Persea until her life is regenerated. (See details) When her Life does return, she is extremely emotional, like a toddler, but she wants to learn how to control these feelings. She wants to learn how to “feel” properly again.
Weapon- Undecided
Details- She is a case of Dead, Yet Alive. When she “died,” she lost her name and was given a shorter one.

~ Conflict ~

1) When one uses an object with a large amount of Essence in it to do anything other than attract more Essence, some of the Essence in that object is used up, almost like radiation. So when the supply in that object runs low, it must be replenished. The easiest way to do this is kill anything in the range of the object’s “magnetic field.” It is the secret of the monarch of each world and his/her closest council that the object used to communicate and travel between worlds is replenished this way regularly. But because when the Essence is “used” it does not revert back into Essence of Life, it simply spreads into the environment around it. Because of this, the influence of the Essence of Existence is increasing faster than the Essence of Life can keep up. And in effect, the Essence of Existence is slowly sucking the Essence of Life from living things, shortening their lifespans and further increasing the influence of the Essence of Existence, making it a domino effect. There is a solution, however: a large burst of Essence of Life to balance out the two times of Essence. To do that, the Patron Spirits of each world need to work together, and the only way for that to happen is to combine the 6 worlds back into one. But with this solution comes another problem.

2) The reason the worlds split in the first place. The deity of the world, called the Great Spirit, back when it was whole, said to be the creator of Essence and the Spirit world, noticed the conflict between the elements of the Essence of Existence. The different elements could not exist without wreaking havoc in the Spirit world. To solve this, the Spirit split the world into 7 pieces, each with a different element. This, however, caused the Great Spirit to use all of the Essence it was made of, meaning it ceased to exist. It is said that because Essence does not disappear, the Great Spirit’s Essence became the ties connecting both the worlds, and the bond between Spirits and the living beings of the Physical world.


So, how will they solve the second problem? I don’t exactly know. This is where you, those interested, come in. If you have any suggestions, any at all, ABOUT ANYTHING, please, I’M BEGGING YOU, PLEASE tell me of them. I especially need help with names and such. I will listen and consider each one thoughtfully. (See what I mean by “This story is still in it’s first trimester of pregnancy?) Thank you for reading, hope you enjoyed so far.

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